Back Field. North Wilshire, Prince Edward Island
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Back Field. North Wilshire, Prince Edward Island

For the first time in what must be 15 years or more I took a walk in the back fields of what used to be the greater family farm. I spent a few years living, sometimes working, prior to my 13th birthday here and it has been a part of our family for as long as I can remember. Farming is a difficult life and my uncle having not married did not have sons or daughters to pass it on to. He gave up the farm after a lifetime of work. No doubt a heart wrenching decision.

I have many found memories of my time there. It was only on this particular walk that I realized the beauty and serenity of the fields. Perhaps it is my age and the experiences of the past few years that has made me appreciate a place such as this all the more. I left the walk thinking about how great it would be to buy such a place to build a house. Ahh, to have the money for such ideas.

Being back in Taiwan now I miss my home immensely. I feel wanderlust setting in as a way to deal with these feelings so this weekend or next another trip abroad is definitely in the foremost of my mind. Seeing as a flight to Hong Kong with EVA is cheap now, a quick trip there is my first choice.

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