Graves in field. Hsinchu, Taiwan
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Graves in field. Hsinchu, Taiwan

I finally was able to get a roll of filmed developed from this particular Lomo - only the second time from numerous attempts. I have 3 lomos. all of which I love. Unfortunately they all give me a hard time when it comes time to rewind the spool of film. Using less than a third of the rolls I use make it. This roll is special as it marks the first time Catriona has taken a photograph that has been developed. Most were of her fingers covering the lense but for a young girl only slightly older than 2 it is a brilliant start.

This past weekend Hsinchu enjoyed wonderful warm and sunny weather. Photographers seemed to be everywhere with their huge zoom lenses and expensive Nikon bodies. At one point I am sure we were witnessing a very "meta" moment as I was being photographed photographing a photographer. We seemed to be bumping into one another, sizing up each others equipment, of which I came up short. My Canon and Lomo combination just couldn't compare.

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November 29, 2005 07:09 AM

photography skills are still more important than the equipment. A friend of mine who has 300D takes way better pictures than me and other people who use even 10D Mark II.

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