Kuang Fu High School Cheer Leaders. Hsinchu, Taiwan
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Kuang Fu High School Cheer Leaders. Hsinchu, Taiwan

With a cheer the Kuang Fu High School (光復中學) cheerleaders close my collection of this years Double Ten's Day photographs. They were quite enthusiastic when I produced my camera to take their picture. There are a couple other photographs of them on my Flickr stream.

KFHS is situated on a huge campus on Kuang Fu rd. near Tsing Hua University. I know them primarily due to the traffic chaos they contribute to whenever class is beginning or ending throughout the day. If you really must drive in Taiwan, and I highly recommend you avoid it so as not to develop ulcers or deep seated anger, one of the places you try avoid when driving are schools. This is especially true of elementary schools where parents and worse grand parents commonly come to collect there children. You have people parked litterally everywhere imaginable with little to no concern for there own personal safety or those of the children around them. When you come from a country that values and enforces traffic law and believes in doing your best to not harm others the experience of driving in this kind of environment leaves lasting mental scars. When no one else takes precautions for themselves or others you are left in a precarious situation.

But despite that there are few people willing to act happy and joyful than the Taiwan student as witnessed during the taking of this photograph.

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